Thursday, January 28, 2010

Confidential NSW TDA Issues

Confidential NSW TDA Issues

Further to Anne Turner's Weapons of Mass Destruction, Why Sex? and panty centric conspiracy of Trevor it must be clear;

1. NSW TDA is not someone’s private property and

2. NSW TDA is a bailee drivers’ organisation.

What is good for bailee drivers’ is good for lessee drivers, owner drivers and rest of the society. The NSW TDA can not represent and protect taxi mafia interest.

Over the last few weeks, some executive committee members have attended a number of meetings on behalf of the NSW TDA. Meetings of owners, meeting with the taxi mafia and DG of the NSW T&I are a few to mention. My concern as a Secretary of the NSW TDA is:

1. These meetings were not approved by the committee.

2. No one officially reported to the committee in writing, on who have organized these meetings respectively.

3. Who have attended these meetings respectively, where and when?

4. What was discussed in those meetings and

5. What was the agreement of those meetings?

The NSW TDA is an open, fully audited and transparent organization. We can not afford and must not resort in secrecy.

No Personal Issues

The NSW TDA time were consumed because of personal issues involving Anne Turner, Trevor Bradley and Tony Denton.

This time Anne Turner's Weapons of Mass Destruction, Why Sex? and panty centric conspiracy of Trevor is also causing plenty of trouble. Surely, we can do without them.

Faruque Does Not have Any Personal Issues

I have been fighting for taxi drivers’ issues for a long time and I will continue to do so. I do not have any personal problem with anyone. It was Anne under the guidance of Tony made many frivolous and vexatious allegations against me. I have refuted them correctly.

Direction the NSW TDA

Ann, Trevor (Tony)

Do you have any direction for the NSW TDA? Certainly not!

Last committee meeting Trevor’s control freak agenda collided with Anne’s blood thirsty agenda. I have posted a warning then. However, for the sake of peace I kept a blind eye. But, I have to act now.

Blood of Ted

Ted was ambushed at the last committee meeting. Anne Turner and Trevor Bradley were mean, vicious and in breach of law. Ted’s suspension was immoral, illegal, harsh and unjust. Such a suspension was not beneficial for the NSW TDA or anyone for that matter.

I Advice to Rescind Ted’s Suspension

For a number of reasons Ted may take legal action against the NSW TDA. I will prefer to rescind Ted’s suspension. I repeat again, Ted’s suspension is not beneficial for anyone. It is a manipulation of a couple of power drunk people.

My Priority

My priorities are NSW Upper House Inquiry, amendment of the last Taxi Bill, countering media and public attacks against taxi drivers and many burning issues I was trying to raise for a long time. Infighting is the last thing in my mind.

Anne’s Ignorance and Determination to Remain Ignorant

In many times Anne spoke to me about many serious issues based on rank talk. I politely advised her to read posts at the Exec and other documents before making such a big statement. Her responses used to be, “I know what I am doing and don’t patronise me”. Surely, I have to draw a boundary to protect myself from false and fabricated accusations.

Anne’s Threat

Anne has been threatening to resign over Trevor, Tony, Ted and a few other issues! She is free to choose her destiny.

However, in all of those threat and actions I can not see any interest of the NSW TDA.

NSW TDA is our Asset

Due to a few people’s vendetta and power drunk nature the NSW TDA can not and must not be destroyed.

Re: December Committee meeting.

Surely rather than a further witch hunt there can be some attention to the parliamentary upper house enquiry on this agenda?